President Mc Kinley
President Mc Kinley
Midland M-30 und Midland DUAL MIKE
Albrecht AE 6110 CB Funk
Albrecht AE 6110
PMR 466 - Betriebsfunk
Midland G18 und TecTalk Float
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Breaker.AT QRV ...

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It started in the 70s. Hardly a car without CB radio antenna was to be seen. Especially young people have the 'Kastl' screwed into the car and often it was the only - then as now - free means of communication in the country. After the flooding in the social networks CB radio is increasingly popular again and is becoming increasingly popular.

Since around the end of 2016 CB Funk experiences a revival. If you talk to young people today and ask, you often get the answer: 'I can meet real people' ... unlike 'just' on the internet virtually.

With the re-leek of (new layout, adjustments, etc.) in November 2017 an initiative started to form a roof under which the innumerable small radio rounds, both old and new, come together and independently of Facebook or other ' great portals' exchange experiences, make appointments and get to know nice people.

But that also means that we have to rely on the fact that some also participate here, maybe help out with expertise, write a CB blog or participate differently here.

So - join in - tell a friend - invite friends

Your admin / sysop team

PS: The site is constantly being expanded with further capabilities, new functions, independent and free of constraints, even if the site, the server and the domain and the associated costs (including maintenance, firewall maintenance, etc.) of www.technic-hobby .eu be sponsored. True to the rules for more than 100 years in amateur radio and since the 70s in a somewhat relaxed form also apply to CB radio. Absolute taboo: politics and QSOs about money - has always been so on the radio, and will remain so.



The thing with channel 9

jackson ii ch9Since the middle of the seventies the CB radio in Europe was gradually allowed by all countries, at that time still with lower transmission powers and above all AM operating mode. Even then, channel 9 (if disturbed alternative channel 19) was distributed as a call and emergency channel and not without reason. If you look at (see picture) radios, they usually have a switch that allows quick change to channel 9.

alan 42ds ch9At that time the thing really made sense, every second car had an antenna, cell phones did not exist yet and in an emergency, on motorway or highway, the nearest telephone booth was often miles away. With the introduction of the first C and D network, later GSM car phones, this changed step by step.

Nevertheless, the Channel 9 on CB radio still has a special position, even if nobody today would come up with the idea to call an notary via CB radio - which is also logical and good. But his already then entitlement as a call - info - trucker and help channel is undeniably still valuable and helps many on the streets.

But what rules apply to CB radio and channel 9?

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Midland DUAL MIKE ...

CBtalk APP

thumb 12338 dual mikeNew possibilities let the wireless world grow together, Internet makes it possible, unlimited freedom. Connection of radio, CB radio and even HAM radio - everything is possible.

With the app for Android and iOS, the Midland APP connects all worlds.

Released as a pre-release since September 9, 2018, the app is free to download and release.

The official presentation of both components, so APP and Midland Dual Mike took place at the CB fair in Durmersheim (near Karlsruhe) on October 20, 2018. If you are interested in the Midland Dual Mike, who would like to know the possibilities, you can click on the APP icon to download or on the microphone image for more information about the hardware, ie the microphone.

The 4-in-1 CB Amplifier and Bluetooth Microphone - Sparks with unlimited range and numerous additional functions.

Midland Dual Mike is the new revolutionary CB radio microphone. By means of the "Dual Mode" function it allows communication via a connected CB radio or via Bluetooth with the CB Talk app via the smartphone. Easily communicate with other users in two different ways.

The 4-in-1 CB Amplifier and Bluetooth Microphone - Sparks with unlimited range and numerous additional functions

Here are the sources of supply for CB radios and of course that too DUAL MIKE

thumb ftb logo de 720x150With radio technology Bielefeld one can also drive with the truck.
Dammstrasse 23 in the commercial area Werther / Bielefeld
Order by mail, just click on the logo.

thumb ftb logo at 720x150Radio technology Austria also supplies truckers directly to
Motorway station Pettnau in Tirol on the A12 between Innsbruck and Telfs.
Order by mail, just click on the logo.

download grafikThe Midland DUAL MIKE Updater can be downloaded here.
Just click on the symbol and you're ready to go.
It is always the last, so latest version available for download!


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solar akku 03Am Berg braucht man Strom. Hier ist meine Bergausrüstung zu sehen. Ein Li-Ionen Akkupack mit 150Wh, inkl. eingebautem 220V / 100 Watt Wandler (man kann ja nie wissen). Dazu die Alan 42 und eine Wilson 4 Bein mit einer Santiago 1200.

Das ganze ist relativ leicht zu tragen. Alles zusammen keine 2 kg. Der große Vorteil von dem gewählten Akku ist die Funktion als USV (Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung) der eingebaute Solarregler und dank des Li-Ionen Akkus das relativ geringe Gewicht.

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